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Go Green with First Community Bank and Trust

At home, around the workplace, and just about everywhere else, there are always ways to reduce the negative impact we create. Most communities have recycling programs included with weekly trash pick-up. Businesses implement procedures to reduce the amount of energy used, including energy-saving computers and office equipment or more efficient lighting. Schools often use the financial incentives of recycling to raise funds, as well as awareness, to benefit their institutions and students. Everywhere you look, people are trying to make a difference so that future generations will have a planet that still works.

The banking industry is trying to do their part as well by participating in the "green coalition" which was formed by the Electronic Payments Association and is comprised of leaders in the financial and consumer billing industries, including CheckFree, the industry leader in online payments. The coalition's purpose is to educate consumers about the positive environmental impact of choosing electronic bills, statements, and payments over paper.

Making a Difference

We like coming up with ways that can help make our world a better place. So we have come up with a series of Eco-Challenges...things everyone can do to make Earth a better place.


February 1, 2012

December 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

August 2, 2011

May 20, 2011

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Eco-Challenge: Winter Tips That Won't Leave You Cold

Eco-Challenge: Save Money, Time and Trees with eChecking

Eco-Challenge: Driving Habits Affect Gas Mileage

Eco-Challenge: Unique Ways to "Repurpose" the Good Stuff

What we are doing?

At First Community Bank and Trust it takes over 20 mature trees to produce the amount of paper and envelopes we use annually just for checking and savings statements. On top of that, there are also the costs of the fuel and resources to deliver the paper to the bank, the ink and electricity required to print the statements and then the fuel and resources required to mail each statement. All of these have an impact on our environment.

For many years, First Community Bank and Trust has implemented "green" practices as well. Here is a listing of ways we are moving towards a more "green" bank:

  • Most of the paper used in the bank is commercially shredded and recycled. This is not only for security purposes, but also to reduce the amount of trash contributed each week.
  • We are also reducing our use of paper by scanning and archiving original documents, rather than duplicating them. This will eventually allow for electronic, rather than physical transmission of information, as well as saving the paper it would take to file these documents.
  • We are beginning to purchase recycled envelopes for our statements and letters we mail. Look for the Recycle Envelope logos on some of our envelopes.
  • We offer electronic delivery of checking statements, First eStatements, to all customers for free.
  • We offer online bill pay, First ePay.
  • Most of the bank's employees receive their own bank statements online and utilize First eBanc and First ePay, our online banking products.
  • We recycle our old monitors and computers using a company called Vintage Tech Recyclers Inc. Their main focus is to keep electronics out of landfills and help recover some of electronic assets. Nearly 60% of our electronics can be reused and the other 40% can be fully recycled back to its original raw state.
  • We continue to look for new ways to help our planet and also enhance our customers' banking experience.

Things we are doing

August 2, 2011 Recycling Pays off...Literally!

What can you do?

If we all take a few steps to change our habits, then we all as a whole can make a difference. Here are a few quotes from some banking industry heads.

Through initiatives such as electronic banking, consumers can take individual action that can collectively lead to a real impact on the environment. We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to make reasonable efforts to better our world. First Community Bank and Trust acknowledges this responsibility by offering products and services that can reduce the negative impact on the environment. Direct Deposit, First eStatements, electronic banking with First eBanc, and on-line bill pay with First ePay are great ways to save time, money and the environment. For more information on electronic banking or any of our banking products, please stop in or call us at 708.946.2246 or 708.258.0530.